Caramelised chicken with wholegrain mustard and mango chutney


Maybe because of our centuries-long historical clash-of-empires feud, Spanish people tend to make fun of British cuisine. Or maybe, its bad reputation comes from Second World War’s food shortage that introduced undersired cooking habits that stuck in time, as this article suggests. As every generalization it might be very an unfair rep, but one thing that can’t be denied is that the Brits made a good deal out of borrowing so much from Indian gastronomy.

This recipe it’s a good example. First time they cooked this for me was to celebrate one of my birthdays at a garden party in London, because it’s perfect for grilling or barbeque, as well as for picnics. I have used this recipe many times since and I have yet to find someone who doesn’t love this!



-Chicken breasts.
-Traditional Wholegrain Mustard or Moutarde à l’Ancienne (the one where mustard grain or seeds appear just half grinded. I usually use the one by Maille, but you can make it at home.)
-Mango chutney (sweet, not the picked one. There are also several recipes to make it at home).
-Soja sauce


Just combine the three condiments (amounts up to taste, but I tend to create a balanced paste) in a bowl, a pan or an airtight container.

Paint the chicken breasts with the mixture and let it marinade, the better if for a couple of hours at least.

Grill or barbeque it to taste. (I usually prefer it well done).

Enjoy! (I’m sure you will!)


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  1. Anda, no conocía esta bonita página. Gracias por tu comentario me quedo por aquí salseando, esta receta tiene buena pinta ;) ))

  2. Angelika says:

    Wow, una receta facil y deliciosa. Uno de estos dias lo tendre que probar. Queremos mas recetas!!!

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